Trading in for new iPhone 13

A family member was able to get free iPhone 13's for everyone in his family with trade-in.  He was the only one to get an iPhone 13 Pro instead of the standard iPhone 13 and said instead of getting it for free he pays $5/month for it.  He stated they have iPhone XR's.  He said he simply had to pay a little more monthly for his plan to have 5G and also had to extend his plan for a 2 year contract which I'd be fine with.

Both my wife and I have an iPhone XR and my step son an iPhone 7.  My step son and wife woudl like to update to the iPhone 13 and me to the iPhone 13 Pro.  Yet when I go on the website like he said I don't get that option and am only offering $139 for my iPhone XR.  

Am I overlooking something? Is this plan no longer available?   I don't know if it makes a difference but I have the New Verizon Unlimited Plan. I am thinking of upgrading to a new plan though.



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