Transfer Says No Wifi

I’m trying to transfer data from an IPhone XR to a new IPhone SE gen 3. I get into the Verizon cloud app, ask it to transfer on both, and on the old phone the camera pops up to scan a QR code, but on the new phone no QR is generated. Instead it says to go into my settings and turn on wifi. The thing is, my wifi is on. And connected. And working. I can access internet on both phones.

The only post I could find about this before said in short “here’s the problem you’re having reworded 😄 hope that helps!” And gave no solution at all so I’d like advice (and maybe for Verizon to fix their apps, I never seem to be able to open it without a problem). I refuse to pay for iCloud and I’d rather not manually transfer everything to a computer and back off so just doing it another way is not going to be the solution.  

Re: Transfer Says No Wifi
Customer Service Rep

Can you send us a screenshot of what you're seeing on your end? -Joel