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Transfer upgrade question
Enthusiast - Level 2

Ok, so let me start out by saying VZW customer service sucks...

I called last night and posed this question to one rep.. So I have a total of 5 lines on my account.  3 are smart phones, 2 are basic phones with no data.  The two basic lines have upgrades available.  I told the rep that I'm aware that I can transfer the upgrade to another one of the lines, however will I now have to pay data on one of those basic phone lines if I'm using its upgrade?   The customer rep, who continued to mute the call or place me on hold the entire call, finally said, no- you will not have to put a data package on that basic phone line if you transfer the upgrade over to one of your smart phone lines. Just the line with the new phone would continue with a data package.

Not feeling too confident in this rep, I immediately called back..

Next rep, same question... She starts telling me immediately that because I have an older plan, they won't even let me upgrade my phone without getting a new plan.  Umm what?  I never even mentioned this.  I don't have unlimited.  I know that previously if you had unlimited you would lose it.. That's not my question.  So she puts me on hold and comes back after looking into it and says, she was wrong, I can still upgrade.  Great.. I already knew that.   Now back to my original question..

She puts me back on hold and comes back to the phone.  After a highly confusing explanation, she also tells me that I should not have to have a data plan on that basic phone line if I use its upgrade on another phone.

I'm still not feeling comfortable about this-- 2 different reps and I still feel ?????  So hear I am reaching out to the VZW community for assistance from anyone who has dealt with this. 

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Re: Transfer upgrade question
Customer Service Rep


I am sincerely sorry for the misunderstanding when you reached out to our Customer Service team. I would like to help and clear the air to ensure we are on the same page. If you are not currently on the MORE Everything plan and on a grandfather plan you would not be able to transfer your upgrade. In order to transfer your upgrade you would have to move your account into the MORE Everything plan prior to transferring the upgrade. Please let us know if you are in need of additional assistance, we are here to help.

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Re: Transfer upgrade question

You do not say what plan you are on, but from your description I will guess a Nationwide plan where minutes are shared, but text packages and data packages are with the individual lines. You do not have unlimited data.

Fact #1 - You can upgrade and keep your current plan

Fact #2 - You can never "transfer an upgrade" The upgrade stays with the line that is eligible, and the contract gets extended on that line. You can use the phone you get on that upgrade on another line, but that is a distinct difference than transferring the upgrade. It is important to understand this for what happens with the data

Fact #3 - Since you are using an upgrade on a basic phone line to upgrade to a smartphone, even though that phone is going to be used on a different line that is not eligible for an upgrade, the requirements of upgrading to a smartphone remain with the basic line. That is, you are required to carry data on that line for the duration of the 2 year contract, even when you put a basic phone back on that line.

In summary, your suspicion is correct. If you upgrade with a Nationwide plan, and you upgrade one of your eligible basic phone lines with a smartphone to be used on another line, you will be required to pay for data on that line for the duration of the contract. I believe this is a $30 charge per month for 2 years.

Re: Transfer upgrade question
Enthusiast - Level 2

Thank you for your response.  I am on a Nationwide Plan.  When I go into my upgrades it lets me click onto the lines elig for upgrades and it transfer it to another phone.  But then it looks like I have to do an upgrade right at that very minute.  The transfer doesn't stay unless I proceed.  That's where I was I was confused.  As for the data issue, its so very confusing, but this is what I ultimately thought. 

One of the reps I spoke with was in such a hurry to try to get me to switch my plan, it was kind of annoying.

I hope that Verizon Wireless trains their customer service reps a little better since this is not the only time I have tried to contact them with a question and received several different answers.   It's very frustrating when I call and I feel like I know more than the person on the other end.