Transferring Safari web site links to a new iPhone

On October 29, I asked the following question:

I have a new iPhone.  I want to transfer all of my content from my old iPhone, including the many web site links that I have set up on my old phone using the "Add to Home Screen" feature in Safari.  Is this part of the "content" that will be transferred to my new iPhone, using the Verizon Wireless content transfer process? If not, does this mean that I have to go through the process of setting up new Safari links on my new iPhone one at a time?

On October 30, JacobV_VZW responded:

The Verizon Cloud will only allow you to back up and transfer your Contacts, photos and videos. Website links that you've saved and added to your home screen will not transfer to your new iPhone. If you bookmarked the websites, they will be in your Safari bookmark history.

This answer may have been technically correct, but it was incomplete. What I should have learned as a result of this inquiry was that if I chose to back up my old iPhone to my computer using iTunes, it would save everything on the phone (including website links created using Safari), and then allow them to be transferred to my new iPhone. This in fact, is what I did. Both the backup process from the old phone, and the process of downloading the content to my new phone (using the "Restore from iTunes" feature) went very smoothly.  When I was finished, the home screen on my new iPhone looked exactly like the home screen on my old iPhone, including apps, links, contacts, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had preserved all my old web site links without having to go through the tedious process of restoring them from my Safari bookmark history.

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Re: Transferring Safari web site links to a new iPhone
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I'm glad it worked out for you. I recently moved to an iPhone 8 Plus and had the same experience. A backup of my previous iPhone device and a restore on the iPhone worked flawlessly.