Trouble with texts to Android phones on Verizon plan

I switched Verizon plans and now my ability to text to Android phones is spotty—occasionally going through, but usually failing. This is no longer “simply” a problem with sending photos to Android phones, with which I have always had difficulty. Now even simple texts go through sometimes but not often. I have checked to make sure everything is enabled in my settings. A previous user (in February I believe), had this identical problem. But the solution that worked for him/her isn’t working for me because my own MyVerizon doesn’t offer the Manage Devices tab given in the prior solution. I have an iPhone11. And Verizon is zero help. Any answers here would be much appreciated.

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Re: Trouble with texts to Android phones on Verizon plan
Customer Service Rep

We want to help you identify a solution for this as soon as possible. Texting is a crucial service and I will make sure to help you get this corrected. I will be sending a Private Note so that we can partner up with you to fix this promptly.