Turning off Find My for a Return
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I hope this is not redundant, I searched this group and didn’t find anything similar.  There is similar info on an Apple site, but it took a bit of searching to find it.

A suggestion which might save Verizon Agents and Warehouse Staff many hours:   add a few words to Verizon instructions for preparing a device for return something like the following:

“After you have taken steps to disable Find My for the device you are returning, please confirm that your actions were successful by turning the device back on and looking at the device display.  

You should see the words “Hello”,  or "Set up your (device name)”, which means you successfully completed the disable Find My instructions.  Then, turn your device off and finish preparing it for shipping.   

However, if instead, your display shows an Apple Login, or asks for a PIN, they you have not been successful in turning off Find My, in which case you need to review the steps again, and if necessary, contact a Verizon Agent for assistance.