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I sent back 2 iPhone 11 pros on that same day and mistakenly put them in a USPS bin instead of UPS.

One phone made it to Verizon for trade in and is processed (1Z81RR180653272194) and one is missing (1Z81RR180653464165). The tracking number for both phones that Verizon issued show nothing in the UPS system. 

UPS Says this for the tracking,
We could not locate the shipment details for this tracking number. Details are only available for shipments made within the last 120 days. Please check your information

I can't file a claim with UPS for the missing phone because the tracking number is from Verizon and shows no information on where the package is. I can't get any information on how the one phone got to Verizon if there is no tracking information.

Verizon says talk to UPS and UPS says talk to Verizon. I need help finding this phone and getting a solution, I would have never traded in my phone is I was going to have to pay for it in full. If Verizon can't help me solve this issue I'll need to take my business else where.

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