UPS/Verizon LOST my new iPhone and I'm still paying
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I bought the new iPhone 13 Pro and returned it soon after I received it because I changed jobs (work phone). It was registered as being logged into the UPS store which was visible on Verizon and confirmed that it was visible by Verizon agents. Months later, many escalated tickets and hours of phone calls. I am still paying for the iPhone that I don't have. I am unable to prove this now because its over 3 months and Verizon stalled me to file a claim by telling me they were 100% going to resolve it every time. I have documentation on this as well.

This seems to be an issue for other customers and the only resolution is to leave Verizon. The customer support team wants to help but who ever is above them doesn't care. I have had numerous people tell me from Verizon that they would call me back and nothing. Unbelievable. I understand that Verizon is a large company and doesn't care if they lose me as a customer (over 10 years) but there is a flaw in how Verizon is working with their carrier (UPS) to deliver and return expensive items and it's the customer who has to pay for it. UPS doesn't care either and now I have to cancel and I will NOT pay for the remainder of the iPhone that I don't have, which means I will have to deal with collections.

Is this how you want to treat customers? I cannot imagine getting away with this behavior at my own job, its just a disgrace. 

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