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Like many others, I am trying to set up Message+ on my iPHone so I can transfer my message history over to the new  phone.  On the android, I only had to download the app and make it my default messaging app.  On the iPhone it asks me to enter the phone number I want to use.  When I enter it, I get the error message Not able to generate pin.  Please try again later some time.  I have been trying for 2 days without success.  I was trying to message support in response to another post and was redirected here to start a new topic.  I also sent a Report a bug message in the app itself.  I have never received a response about any issue I've reported.

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I am having the same issue. It works on my Galaxy S23 and my iPad pro and was working on my iPad Mini 6 but then it stopped working. I tried uninstalling and reinstalled the app on my mini and it won't allow me to generate pin code, says try again later. I tried this process with VPN and without. 

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nycfinest, help is here as we want you to have the ability to set up Messages+. Please see the link below and let us know how it goes.





Verizon's Messages+ app is getting shut down in June (3 months from now).  Wouldn't be surprised if the setup error messages are related to the sunset process.  It's already causing issues with the weird (588) number texts saying someone left the group in MMS texts.  In a nutshell - best to not bother with installing this app.  If you've got important images or texts from the past in the app, would recommend backing them up elsewhere.

I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.