Unable to activate eSim
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Posting again as I stopped receiving replies to the private messages. 

First I was unable to connect to 5g or 5g UW through my iPhone 15 Pro Max despite my phone being capable of this feature and using a Play More Unlimited Plan. Had no issue before connecting to 5g UW from my home on my previous Pixel 6 Pro. I was given the run around and several different and conflicting answers without resolution. 

Trying to save myself the hassle of switching carriers (for now) I reset my network settings. This did not work to resolve anything. Previously a representative had reset my sim so I, admittedly naively, attempted to do this by myself once again. After deleting my eSim when going to read it I was asked for either a QR code or the option to manually enter information. 

At this point, I don't have a device with a working number. This is a hole in the system, because to receive customer support I must either 1. Call the customer support line or 2. Chat with a representative to have them re-establish or provide me with a new SIM. However, Verizon's systems do not allow sign in without 2FA using a code sent to your number. See the issue? I cannot receive this code, therefore cannot receive support to add the eSim back to my phone. 

Please, someone help with this asap, as I do not having a phone with a working number at this point. 

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