Unable to make outgoing calls on iPhone for two days

We are in Charlotte, NC  -- unable to make outgoing calls in or near our home and since we

work from home, this is more than an inconvenience.  Incoming calls occasionally get through, but with very poor quality; only one bar showing on our phones. We drove about 20 minutes away and were able to make calls from there. Very challenging to reach a human at Verizon! Already went through all the Digiital Assistant and online re-setting tips; none of them worked. Could be a cell tower issue, but really, people--for more than Two DAYS?

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Re: Unable to make outgoing calls on iPhone for two days
Customer Service Rep

Hello, hcbh002. We are very sorry to hear about the calling issues that you have been experiencing in the past two days. We appreciate your patience with this issue and we certainly want to ensure that any issues are resolved. Can you please describe what happens when you attempt to make an outbound call? Are you able to use text messaging and data okay? What is the city and intersection that this has most recently took place? BrettA_VZW