Unable to upgrade early online after Applecare replacement iphone

  Back in July, face id  on the iPhone 11 Pro I only had for a few months randomly stopped working completely.  I forgot to purchase Applecare+, so I checked on myverizon to see how much I'd have to pay to upgrade early, and it came to roughly $275. Before doing that, I contacted apple and found out that they would let me replace it through their "iPhone Express Replacement." So I went ahead and did it that way, received the replacement, swapped the SIM out as the info given to me instructed and restored my old phone to factory, and went on with my life. Now, when I've been thinking about upgrading to the iphone 12 and should be 2 payments short of 50% paid, I logon to myverizon and the return your device early upgrade option is greyed out with the asterisk saying "If you want to upgrade early, please activate the device you'll be paying off and returning." I called tech support last night and they said they see that I can pay $94 and return my device to upgrade early, and attempted to activate my phone again, but it still says the same thing. Has anyone had this issue, or know a solution?

Re: Unable to upgrade early online after Applecare replacement iphone
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