Unable to use my phone number for text or call

Have had an absolute nightmare of a few weeks with Verizon and support. I have used other services in the past that were fine, was swindled to Verizon by a good deal on the iPhone, never again... Currently in Puerto Rico, receiving mixed messages from support that they believe i need a new sim card, or that service is just not working in PR.

Been told both that I need to fly to the mainland to get a new sim card (they cannot mail one), and that a new sim would not work altogether and its a problem with PR. 0 help on how I can even use my phone number.

Have spent days, yes days (24 plus hours total), trying to communicate with chat and phone support, absolutely terrible, especially chat. Every agent, even tier 2 is taking 10 plus min to respond to simple questions, and are unable to even recover my phone number.

This has become comical at this point. Have done a full factory reset on my phone with no luck at this point. I have never had to deal with such poor customer support, and service that I am paying $130/month for, that doesnt even work with 0 resolution or help.

I know every cell service has their downfalls especially with customer support, but if I can save one person from dealing with Verizon, then great, you will not have wasted all of your free time for weeks with no resolution or even a discount off your monthly bill, just ask them to port your number to a new service.

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Re: Unable to use my phone number for text or call
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Thanks for bringing this to our attention today. This is definitely not the experience we want for you. We will be sending you a Private Note shortly to investigate this further with you. *Bryan