Unacceptable data speeds on unlimited plan in 33812

I have used a little over 11gb of my unlimited plan but I am already getting slowed down to .15 mbps for some reason. I have only had this plan for a few months and I was never throttled on my 16gb plan. Maybe it is because of high traffic on the weekend, but this is not a good explanation. If you can’t handle the traffic you should not be selling the data plan. I have 4 phones in this plan and all of them are slow, it’s not my device. I don’t need an unlimited data plan that works at dial-up speed. This never happened on my old plan. It seems like then you wanted me to reach the maximum download faster so you can nickle and dime me for a paltry extra gig. Now I have “unlimited” but, ironically, will likely not reach the 22gb threshold because it slows down before I get there. This is unacceptable Verizon. Right now my internet and cable is also broken, I have to wait 4 more days for frontier to come out and fix the ancient and unkempt mess Verizon left behind in my neighborhood, and I can’t even rely on my data plan when I need it. I was happy with the service until I got this so-called “unlimited” plan. Please see about improving data speeds in 33812.