Unauthorized payment
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I’m wondering how many Verizon customers have had a payment taken without any kind of authorization and was given the run around by customer support and the management department?

this happened to me just this month and while I had called many times I’m a two week span they told me my money was being refunded, however today I was told it was denied days ago and I was not contacted about this in any way then was told the payment was authorized!!

well it was not authorized by myself and I’m the only one on my account! More then 45 minutes I was given to at least 5 different people who had no idea why I was calling and each time I explained what was happening they all had a different answer then would send me to another person!!

if you have had a similar experience what have you done to get help and from whom did you call?

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Re: Unauthorized payment
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Not really. Payments don't happen without any input by you as a customer. Verizon isn't going through random accounts breaking security verification just to post a payment.

If you have autopay, that's something you would have set up. If you had a future dated payment, that's something you as a customer sets up, not Verizon. The only way I could see this being a Verizon issue is if you set up a promise to pay and there was a miscommunication. Even then, a PTP is something you can set up yourself within a few minutes.