Unethical salesperson

On 10/24/22 My daughter went into the store on 6609 Kingston Pike Suite A,Knoxville TN, because her iPhone XR was not working. She just wanted to see if it could be repaired. The salesperson Jackson Steely, tried to convince her to purchase a new IPhone 13. She said that an 11 would be fine or if he could fix the one she had. He said they only had 13s in stock and informed her that her phone would most likely shut down again. Then he offered her a deal that included the new IPhone 13 if she paid 160$ and turned in her old phone. She then called my husband and Jackson repeated this deal to him over the phone. So she accepted the “deal “ and signed the invoice. When I looked online the next day our account showed that we had been billed for 760$. I tried to call the store twice and speak with Jackson but of course he is never there. I then spoke to someone at Verizon and he said that the 760$ was correct. When I looked at the document she signed it showed a balance of 201.37 which included some accessories she purchased, a device setup fee. Then in parentheses it did show 760$ but it was not included in the total. Then at the very bottom it showed up again with Financed beside the 760$. So this transaction may be legal but it is also deceptive and unethical. My husband and I have been with Verizon for 25+years. I would like to speak to someone in management about this however I do not know how to reach them. This will most likely result in us switching to a new provider. 

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