Unknown Caller without number when calls coming

After I installed Verizon caller filter app, all the calls not in my contacts just show “unknown caller” or “wireless caller”when the calls coming, No caller number or location! This makes very inconvenient for me, as I don’t know if I need to pick up the call or not, it can be my business partner or spam, but without number I have no idea. It happened on my IPhone X now on iPhone 12. I subscribed and paid the app, but it looks like only making troubles. And in the Verizon community there are quite a few users have the same issue since five or six years before, but I don’t know why now it is still the same... the only solution works I tried is to uninstall and unsubscribe caller filter, but is it possible to keep the app and show the number and location when calls are coming?

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Re: Unknown Caller without number when calls coming
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I definitely appreciate how important it is to have calls set up in the best way for you. We want to provide all options. This is actually how things are supposed to look with Call Filter and currently there isn't a way to change it. I will absolutely lift up your feedback but if seeing the number right away is important removing this would be the best option. You can still see the numbers in your recent calls list after the fact.