Unlimited Data does not Work

I have read aIl have of your responses to people who are having the same problem I've been having since I changed to unlimited data.  I cannot use data.  It stays on Extended 1x or no signal.  This seems to be an issue on either Verizon or Apple or both.  I changed back in February and have had these issues since day one.  The other posts I've read, the same issues, have never been fixed.  I have been on the phone with 4 different customer service staff and they can't fix it either.  I need something done, your unlimited data is expensive and I want to get what I pay for.

Sharon Buchanan

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Customer Service Rep

We always want you to get what you pay for with us, SAPERL4. We know the importance of getting a great signal. We are here to help.


First we want you to be aware that the plan you select has no bearing on what signal you get on your phone. What zip code are you located at? Is this issue happening just when you are indoors or does it happen when outside too? 


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