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hi. i need yours help, i need international support worldwide for to unlock my phone, please send me link (livechat or contact email) to my email

I am living in Georgia, i bought iphone 4s/verizon on ebay

i hope you help me to unlock this iphone to use on worldwide gsm and cdma carrier, my Georgien carrier is magtigsm and silknet(cdma)...

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Re: hi.i need yours help,i need international support worldwide for to unlock my phone,please send me link(livechat or contact email) to my email  i am living in Georgia,i bought iphone 4s/verizon on ebay( this a ebay.com link:- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ap

The iPhone 4s is not like the newer versions of the iPhone, which are unlocked out of the box.

without being able to verify the phones status you may not be able to get it unlocked.

if it can be unlocked, only Verizon on can unlock it, although you can always try some of the paid unlock services.

otherwise, return the phone to where you bought it and buy a carrier unlocked phone.