Unlocking a new iPhone 11

I just found out about Verizon's new policy which locks new phones for 60 days.  The way I found out is that a family member arrived in Europe today for a semester abroad and attempted to swap the SIM card.  Interestingly another family member swapped SIM cards in September 2019 on an iPhone 7, so one would think this is standard practice.  When we acquired the new iPhone 11 in December the VZW store did not inform of this new lock policy.  I just spoke with tech support and was told there's nothing that can be done - it's policy.  Since exceptions are made for military members (which is good) it's not a technical issue, and can be done.  It's an arbitrary policy.  

Has VZW resolved this for anyone?  

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Re: Unlocking a new iPhone 11
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Here is the link to the policy. The current policy has been in effect since July 2019. 



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