Unsatisfactory customer experience

I want to talk about Verizon's disappointing customer response.

After purchasing PrepaidSIM ($60/monthly) on January 5th last week, I spoke to the customer center to verify that the order was placed correctly. Unfortunately, at this time, a customer center employee forced the USIM order instead of eSIM, saying there was a problem with the eSIM purchase process, and the employee made the order. In this regard, I share the following issues. Please check this properly at the customer center and take care of it accurately.

1. Customer account error
- Currently, if I log in with my ID (email), I can't access the account profile and add the phone number I transferred. On January 6th, I went to Verizon store and asked the staff, but they needed to know how. The employee called Verizon Customer Center several times and managed to connect, and said the problem would be resolved, but the problem remains.

2. USIM Shipping Problem
- The customer center staff confirmed the address to me based on the previously entered shipping information I put and said they would deliver it to that address. The employee entered my delivery address. However, UPS confirmed that my apartment number needed to be added, and the delivery failed today. Regarding this, I contacted UPS and asked them to modify the address several times. Still, they said I could not modify it because Verizon can modify the address.

The worst customer experience that started on January 5th makes me even more tired. If you read this article at Verizon Customer Center, which is referred to as the number one carrier in the United States, please resolve this issue.

In my current situation, both Verizon Virtual Assistance and phone connections are difficult. I've tried it dozens of times, but it didn't work.

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Re: Unsatisfactory customer experience
Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out tonight! We're always here to help you however we can! To clarify, you mentioned issues with your SIM card, did you ever receive this? *Kris