Upgrade Fee
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Why does Verizon charge an upgrade fee when you buy a new iPhone at an Apple retail store and pay full price? I was charged this fee after upgrading my wireless plan for 5G. Not only are they getting more than $100 per month for our new family plan, but now they are charging an additional one-time upgrade fee per phone! Verizon did nothing, the Apple rep activated our phones. UNFAIR PRACTICE!!! Thankfully I am month-to-month and can switch carriers whenever I want.

Re: Upgrade Fee
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Hello VAVulcan, our goal is to have your upgrade experience run as smoothly as possible. We understand that having additional fees is never fun but definitely worth it once you have the new phone in your hand. The Verizon Wireless upgrade fee is a one-time charge when you upgrade your device. No matter what type of upgrade you choose, you also gain the benefits of Verizon 5G/4G LTE network and express self-service option, including My Verizon, and My Verizon Mobile. The upgrade fee is applied to the operational cost changes associated with activating devices.



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Why are people surprised as the upgrade fee has been around several years and other carriers charge it too.  

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Complain to Apple for not selling you the sim-free model if the intent was to buy retail. All carriers charge an upgrade free wether you bought a phone from them directly or not if you had their sim card included with the purchase.