Upgrade Issues

image_123986672.JPGimage_123986672 (1).JPGWife and I owned our 11 Por max phones outright.  One was 512G the other 256G, both in flawless condition.   We went through our account online to do the upgrade well that was our mistake as you told us we would get up to $900.00 per phone based on condition, size and qualifying factors.  I took a screen shot for our records just in case as well as video evidence of phone conditions both on and off before going into the package.  Well lets fast forward to today where we show on our upgrade that we owe full; retail price for 1 device, and the other has had a $46.84 credit applied to it.  Keep in mind your reps and management said this is because we activated them the 30th of December, well, they said that until I corrected them and explained they were both activated the same day, within 20 mins of each other, and are the exact same phone! even the same memory of 1TB.  Hmm incompetent much???


Upon speaking with your reps on the phone they apologized after this call being escalated and are going to address the fact you are giving only $805.80 credit per phone which was not accurate.  Your managers admitted this was a mistake and are working to correct this however we have the issue where 1 device shows you failing to accurately report a credit which violates our agreement.  Further more this was NOT an early upgrade, thus your management has told us we can not pay off our devices early otherwise we WILL pay full retail price and you "Verizon" will keep the 900 for each device as it voids the contract.


We aren't in a contact for 1, as this was a normal upgrade with credit for customers who "OWNED THEIR DEVICES OUTRIGHT", for 2 that isn't  legal by any means and you have by your own standards violated the agreement thus legally have no grounds to stand on.  Furthermore, you are in direct violation on the FTC guidelines and violating consumer protections and rights by what has taken place with the credit and miss appropriating and not giving proper credit for the devices as management agreed to on a "recorded" line both by myself and your CSR team and guidelines.


I would strongly advise that your team fix the issues and issue the credit of $900.00 to each line and allow the early payoff. We are sure we are not the only customers having to hold you accountable. After years of service with you, this will be the last time we do business for life as I can assure you, this is not acceptable.  Maybe its due to the fact we spoke to people in India and they are not aware of upgrading a device owned "OUTRIGHT" but whatever the case maybe I strongly urge "ALL" customers to record and CYA yourself with Verizon, as they are not who they used to be.

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