Upgrade promotions

Silly circles here regarding upgrade promotions. 

Recently, I moved my sister from my mothers Verizon account to mine. Why? My dad died last fall unexpectedly, my mother is disabled and no longer able to help my sister with issues. 

So my sisters line has no payment plan, eligible for upgrade. Two other lines on my family plan are eligible for upgrades and I have dual "200 off iPhone 11" for those lines. Reached out to Verizon last night and again this morning to see if my sisters line could take advantage of one of those offers, in lieu of using it on those lines. Last night, was told the request would be reviewed. This morning, rep told me that "it just doesn't work that way" and mentioned a $100 promotion, which isn't in my offers. I don't want to change away from my "New unlimited" data share. My sister just need a a new phone and I was hoping to give her this as a birthday present, a new iPhone 11 

why the inflexibility, Verizon? I'm not trying to double dip. Help? 

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