Upgrade to iPhone 11 SIM card

I was going to upgrade to iPhone 11 and have Verizon ship the new phone to my home.  I would do the wireless quick start data transfer from the old phone (iPhone 6plus) to the new iPhone 11. I was reading the quick start instructions on how to do the data transfer wirelessley . What I don't understand is when I receive my new 11 in the mail do I have to swap the 6 plus SIM card to the 11 before I begin the Quick Start proceedure? They don't make that clear...at least to me. Thanks!

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Re: Upgrade to iPhone 11 SIM card
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That's not listed because you're not supposed to do that. Sim swapping works if the phone wasn't already pending an activation. What can happen if you swap while an activation is pending is Verizon will keep trying to activate the new sim leaving you with no service.

Leave the sim card alone. Best not to swap unless the phone didn't come with a sim card. Make sure to turn old phone off before powering on the new one.