Upgraded but don’t like, want the iPhone 12 pro max instead
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I upgraded from my 8+ to the 12 pro. No trade ins, no promos just regular price upgrade. I don’t like the size and want to return and get the iPhone 12 pro max instead. If I return will it show that I still have an upgrade available? Anyone know how that process works? Will I be able to return it and then just Upgrade again when I pre order the 12 pro max? 

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Re: Upgraded but don’t like, want the iPhone 12 pro max instead
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We want you to get the best phone for you. There are two ways you can do it. You can return the phone (in most cases through a return and send it back well protected). Once the warehouse receives and processes it, you'll be upgrade eligible again. The other way to do it is through an exchange. We would put the exchange through for you and order the phone immediately. Once you receive the new phone, you'd send back the current phone. In both cases, as long we receive the phone undamaged and in practically new condition, you're all good. If you have any questions about this or would like to explore doing an exchange, please send us a Private Note.