Upgraded without knowing of the 60 day unlock policy

I have never felt such frustration in dealing with Verizon customer service. I upgraded from Xs max to 12 pro max. I use the digital sim for Verizon and a physical sim for my Canadian business. Now I’m being told that I can’t use the Canadian sim for 60 days. If I pay in full for the phone, which I would do, I would lose the trade in promotion. I’m sorry that I upgraded. This is so ridiculous. The worst of it is the rudeness. Not acceptable. 

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Re: Upgraded without knowing of the 60 day unlock policy
Customer Service Rep

We never like to see any customer of ours upset, and we thank you for reaching out to us here using this medium of support, G7555. Regarding the unlocking policy, unfortunately, there is a 60-day period, I'm sorry. This requirement cannot be overridden unless special requirements are met. More information is provided in the link below. You mentioned the worst of it was the rudeness which is a concern. We can lift up the feedback, please tell us more on that.