Re: Upgrading Phone Preorder Issue

I recently had this same issue when trying to upgrade my son's phone to the Pixel 6 pro on my account.  First time, the phone color kept changing after I select the color I want.  Then the trade in credit for his existing phone doesn't work.  Working through chat to get it resolved.  They placed the order and I specifically mentioned that previous orders didn't have unit number on shipping label and Fedex won't deliver without it.  So the agent made sure it was correct (I also reported this as a problem in the past).  Well I have to finish the order by accepting terms and conditions and pay for the upgrade fee and taxes.  The agent couldn't make the trade in work either, so they put it thru separately, which couldn't be undone.  So I go to try to accept terms and conditions and the order won't load, after several attempts it says that I reached max attempts and chat support says they need to cancel the order.  Note, because of the issues with the ordering process, this took 1.5 hours to process.  I was reluctant to cancel because of that.  But it appears I had not choice.  Then the trade in won't cancel so I'm stuck at square one again.  

Next day, new agent tries to help me and they say I just need to wait for it to update because the order says it's canceled.  That never happened, got a new agent and started again.  Couldn't get the trade in to work because it's still on the original order.  I'm thinking I can't get the trade in credit unless I put it with the same as the order (special trade in value for the pre-order).  Two more hours with chat and still unresolved.  After several attempts of reorder and cancellations they finally realized they can't cancel the original trade in and that is why we have the problem.  Agreed to place the order as I have 30 days to process the trade in.  Placed the order and again, and now the problem is that there is an open order on the line already although they all say cancelled.  It's the trade in that is causing the problem.

Next day, I finally found an agent who knew how to force the issue of the existing trade in and can get the order pushed thru.  Was able to accept the terms and conditions and finally the order is placed.    

So I get the confirmation that the phone has shipped.  And I try to track it on my Fed Ex account but it won't tie the address to me.  Guess what, they left the Unit # off again and I will have to pick it up from Fed Ex after they realize they can't deliver it without the unit number.  I complained about this when I bought my Samsung watch and they assured me that it was corrected on my account.  NOT!.  This is the 4th time they have done this to me.  6 hours of my time I can't get back with this nightmare ordering process.  After 21 years with Verizon, you would think I would get a little more respect....Considering changing providers....