Upper Management denied Claim
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I was tricked into buying two IPhone 11’s for full price when I was told I was buying them under the BOGO plan by either a smooth talking salesman or a salesman that did not understand the Verizon plans.  I choose to believe that most people have good in them so I trusted Verizon to do the right thing so I put in a claim and it was denied by what they called “Upper Management”.  Jess was my representative and she was very pleasant during this event!!!   Jess explained to me that upper management denied my claim because I did not buy the unlimited plan when I bought the phones so I could not get the BOGO.

I asked Jess if I could speak to upper management.. she said “No”.  I asked if I could resubmit the claim? She said if I did not have additional documentation she could not. She was very kind and pleasant .  I asked her that upper management must have a boss (everybody has a boss) and could I speak with them? “No”.  She found me a supervisor that was there with her (Abby).  She was very pleasant and explained to me that it was because of privacy issues that she could not give me the information as to who upper management was or even an address or a bldg number they were located in so I could identify who made the decision when/if I spoke to any corporate office. Very frustrating, but I told them that I understood they were just doing what ever they are told to do.  I told them I didn’t have any new documentation, but I wanted to EXPLAIN in my words what my position was and that if any intelligent  person that could make the decision heard that position must be able to help me.  Everyone thinks they are in the right… right??


Ok, so I explained to both of them a few times that all I wanted to tell upper management was…..

The salesman (Brandon D.) sold me a lesser plan (which I found out later from another sales person 3 months later when I went to pay off the phones) that it was MORE expensive then the unlimited plan!  So basically, I paid MORE money for less gigs AND paid full price for two phones!  The second salesman I spoke to that explained to me that I should have been sold the unlimited plan to save more money was very helpful and told me the original salesman was not at that store anymore (go figure eh?).  So now, I have the unlimited plan, but ended up paying for a more expensive plan for three months (big whoop), but $750 for a phone that should have been free.


Does it make sense that (if I knew ) I would pay more money for less gigs AND pay full price for TWO phones when I could have paid LESS money for UNLIMITED data and got one phone FREE that I would have done that?


 Who in their right mind would do that? UNLESS the salesman was jerking me around OR didn’t know what he was doing. Either way, I feel like I was wronged by no fault of my own.  Did I mention that I emailed the handwritten note (in the salesman’s handwriting) that had notes telling me to pay off the “buy phone”??  Didn’t matter.  Upper Management has made the FINAL DECISION and no one else can even talk to them or know who they are.  I don’t know much about phones plans, but I know hockey and this is “Bad Hockey”!!

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