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i have spoke to 4 people over the past week. Though all have been great, they all were supposed to get back with me or have someone get back with me. No one has. The last was Jose. Awesome guy. I was guaranteed that Jose’s supervisor would call me after a 30-hr meeting or Jose would check back before his shift ended. Jose typed all this in his notes for proof. That was on Wed. We are now sitting at early Sat morning. What do I do? How do I get upper management to contact me or I contact them? I can’t call and talk to a rep and explain my problem for a 5th time and spend another 2+ hrs on the phone. That would be crazy since I’ve done it 4 times before and got nowhere. Do I need to file a formal complaint thru corporate or BBB? Is there a specific number to call for management? Will upper management reach out to me please? 

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