VERIZON misled me on trade in
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I purchased a 14pro max from Best Buy.  I was told by 10 different Verizon reps that I could trade in my iPhone 12, and that I was eligible for an $800 trade in credit (over 36 months).  After I did the submission, the computer said that the phone was worth $260.  I called 5 more times and was ASSURED that I was eligible.

I sent in the phone.....which was on my line.....and it was mis-coded and I was given $45!!!!!!!!!!  I have spent 10 hours trying to get this resolved and nobody does anything at Verizon.  I even suggested that they send my phone back....or send me another one to replace it.  THEY ARE REFUSING TO DO ANYTHING.  

I am so disappointed with Verizon......and it looks like I will have to change to another carrier as soon as I can.   Does anybody have any other suggestions?


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