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We upgraded our son's iPhone to an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.  Completed the action online, however our son is away at college in Texas and we're in Florida.  There was no option to mail the phone to him directly that we saw and had the phone mailed here.  After we noticed what happened we called VZW customer service. We had someone add our son's address and we were given a confirmation number that it was going to Texas now.  This was 15 minutes after the initial transaction. However, 2 days later the phone arrived in Florida.  

My wife then called VZW and told the customer service person the confirmation number of the address change and that the phone is here in Florida.  Now, the common sense solution would be VZW would acknowledge the error, send us a UPS label to have us ship it to Texas.  Nope. The customer service rep said "we aim to ship phones out immediately", insinuating that after the phone order is placed, it ships in 15 mins.  Huh?  His ONLY solution is to have us return the phone to VZW, pay a $50 restocking fee, and order the same phone.  Emailing us a UPS label was, "not an option".  It's now cheaper to have my wife and I mail it ourselves, perhaps, but we have to insure a $1200 phone.  You'd think that after being a loyal customer for almost 25 years (and stock owner) that would mean something. Nope. Maybe AT&T or someone else will give us better service for our 6 iphones and at a better price?  I guess we will see. 

The fact is there are very few ways to register a complaint speaks volumes to me.  They'd rather take my almost $500/month in phone bills and ignore unsatified customers or offer real solutions.

Time to shop other service providers.    

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