Verizon Call Filter

Why can’t I report short code numbers on Verizon Call Filter? And why do I have to pay for upgrades if I want the service not to be completely useless? AT&T’s Call Protect does an amazing job of detecting and blocking fraud, spam, and nuisance risks, free to their subscribers (4.5 stars and 608k ratings on the App Store). Verizon Call Filter has 4.3 stars and 34k ratings, and the ratings are full of people’s horrible experiences and unhappiness with the product and service.

I apologize for my negativity, and I don’t mean any disrespect towards anyone. I’m just tired of Verizon’s inadequacies. I realize AT&T has its problems, but they tend to offer better products, services, and prices, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be switching soon.

God, life was so much easier when there was only one phone company, they gave you your phone which you plugged into the your wall outlet, and you used it for making phone calls, nothing else. Plus you had the added bonus satisfaction of slamming it down if needed 😉

Thank you for letting me spout off a little here. 

Re: Verizon Call Filter
Customer Service Rep

Hello, bp-999. We know how important it can be to report spam. If you are receiving a spam text from a short code number you can forward the text to us at 7726. Click here to view information on reporting spam messages:  *Cassie