Verizon Cancelled Device Upgrade Order without Notice

I placed an order on December 4, 2021 for an upgrade with some deals. On my account the initial delivery date was show to be December 29. But around that time the order was updated to be delivery date will be updated soon. But no further detail was there. Even after a month, when I did not get my phone, I called Verizon. They said their system automatically cancelled the order. And I was not even notified. After spending hours through several phone calls, they did not fix it. They did not gave me the initial deal and was asking that I pay in full to get the device so that they can keep crediting the monthly bill for the trade in credit. None of this makes any sense. Basically the contract was not honored, I missed out on other deals during holiday season, and faced fraudulent nd misbehavior from Verizon. 

Where should I complaint? Verizon would not take any action and the customer care would not bring it up to any management. Should I file a complaint with FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION (FTC)? 

Did anyone face similar situations? How did you resolve it?

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