Verizon Cancelled My Order Without Informing Me

I preordered the iPhone 14 Pro Max on September 9. I didn’t preorder until almost 7pm, so I was told my phone would be delivered on September 23. Unfortunate, but ok. I keep checking for a tracking number but it says my phone will be shipped and delivered the same day. Weird, but I let it rock until yesterday, the 23.

I call Verizon. I’m asked a million questions to verify I made the order. Finally, after around 30 minutes I’m told that my payment never went through and it’s too late, that my order will need to be cancelled. I check PayPal, which I used to place the order and it says the payment is still pending, which means Verizon never took the funds. The representative first told me she’d have the phone overnighted to me, which obviously didn’t happen. There aren’t any phones to be sent out, so she says she’ll have a phone sent out to me next week and the soonest I can get it is October 10, which is not next week. 

I know this is not the reps fault, but this is ridiculous. I go through the whole process of ordering the phone again. When I hung up with the rep, I could still see the original order in my account so I call back and get a different rep. I ask him if he can cancel that order so that PayPal will release my money back to me. He tell me my order was actually cancelled on September 18.

I received no notification that my order had been cancelled. Not a text, email, phone call, or anything else. I asked if this is common practice and he said that it was, “Definitely an anomaly” and again apologized for the inconvenience. I spent over three hours on the phone collectively dealing with this nonsense.

I’m never negligent in paying my bill, don’t have an outstanding balance or anything my else. I’m really disappointed in Verizon as a company. This might be it for me because whenever I call, it’s about a mistake on their end. 

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