Verizon Insurance is a Scam
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Daughter dropped her phone and it cracked, thought no problem we bought the insurance.  However found out the "deductible" is $200!  Complete scam.  Then when you call they give you the same line "all insurances have deductibles".


What a scam, paying $200 deductible after paying for insurance on a $600  phone is the equivalent of paying $150,000 deductible on a $300,000 house that burns down.    Complete scam, don't buy the "insurance".

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Re: Verizon Insurance is a Scam
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I'm sorry about this experience with the insurance, tkommer. Our goal is for you to have a working phone. We appreciate your feedback, and we will use it to improve our processes moving forward. We recommend reviewing our Total Mobile Protection information on our site.




Re: Verizon Insurance is a Scam
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On Christmas Eve Day 2020 I checked the value of my iPhone 10 and found they had a heck of a deal where they would give me $580 off a new iPhone 12 that they'd sell me for $800 over 24 months.   When I got home I noticed the credit had not been applied so I went back to the Verizon store.  They told me that the credit was indeed on my account but that it would be more clear once I received my bill.  When the bill came I saw that they had spread that credit out over 24 months.  So each month I was charged $33 for the phone less the $24.16 credit.  I took out insurance for $17 per month.  

Today I slammed my phone in the car door.  Took it back and here is what they said:  I could pay off the phone for  cash today (exact cost was $566 over 17 months), and after I paid the $199 deductible, would have the new phone ----and then could continue paying the contract.  "What?" I asked them?  I could pay the phone off costing $566 today, but  would have to pay also the $199 deductible PLUS pay the monthly fee of $33 until the contract ran out?  I asked them several times if that's what they meant.  They reiterated it --and never ONCE mentioned that I should have a credit of $24.16 x 17 months ($410) against that $566 cost.  Only when I refused  to turn in my broken down phone while agreeing to 1)  pay off its contract 2) pay the deductible and 3) agree to continue the $33 monthly contract installments for the next 17 months (who does that on a product you already bought?) did I check my Verizon Account.  When I did I came to realize that if I had gone along with their scheme, I would have been out of $410 (that credit of $24.16 x 17 months). Plus paying for the next 17 months for a phone I had already bought out.  

Verizon is a scam. It intentionally makes their contracts/phone purchases/insurance so complicated that the average person, I am willing to bet, just goes along and pays them what they say.  What a ripoff.  I now have a broken phone that was insured--and what am I getting for their stupid $17 per month insurance cost?  More confusion, that's what....