Verizon LTE Network Extender
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I have very little cell phone service at my home.

Is it possible to get a FREE Verizon LTE Network Extender?

I have been with Verizon for over 10 years, I have 4 users that live in my house and I have 9 lines connected to my account.

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Re: Verizon LTE Network Extender
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Bowlljt1, I rely on my phone for many tasks, so I know how urgent a resolution is, but receiving service in a certain location, home or building can be difficult based on many factors. The network can change in an area for various reasons, such as population changes or changes in network capacity to name a few. Here is a video: with all the details. Wi-Fi calling is a great option for certain locations. Here is a web page with the information. Please check your Private Notes, so we can address your concerns about options for a Network Extender.