Verizon New Customer Trade in Scam
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I was promised by many customer service people over the phone and by an overconfident website tool that if I bring over my perfectly pristine iPhone x that I would receive $750. I was promised this by everyone I spoke to and did not see any fine print otherwise. My phone was in perfect condition and they only gave me $176.


Now I've signed a 24-month contract and I owe them $1,000 plus taxes for the new phone.


They also have my old phone which at the time of trade in was worth over $600 on eBay.


I have been robbed cheated and lied to in order to get my business and to leave Sprint of 12 years. This type of business practice is illegal and criminal it's time Verizon pays properly for the trade-in and extra money for the stress.


I will dislike Verizon forever I've been a new customer for one month this is how they treat people here do not come here.

This is the nasty email I received at 12:30 at night so now I can't sleep before work tomorrow.

Estimated trade-in value: 750.00

Final trade-in value: 176.0

Adjustment reason: Better qualifying promotion found

What in the heck does a better qualifying promotion mean shouldn't that mean that I spend less.


Not only is this type of answer insulting but it compounds the pain that I feel from their lies. It wasn't one person but many people who promised me $750 there is no fine print and their website tool clearly stated I would get $750 I exhausted all avenues of verification before I embarked on this deal.

We are victims of a predatory scam. Not only does Verizon owe money but an apology and they should be penalized by the government.



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