Verizon Order Issue
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Verizon customer service is the worst experience I've ever had as a consumer.  I upgraded a line on my account in mid-December.  The 13pro was on backorder, and Verizon says it shipped and was delivered January 5.  It was not - there is no proof of delivery and I was home at the time UPS said it was delivered.  I have since contacted customer service through chat 5 times - each time I have been promised that the order will be canceled, my money refunded, and then I will be able to place the upgrade order again, using the original promotion.  Nothing has happened, the order still shows as delivered, and each time I contact Verizon I have to start from scratch, endure ridiculous delays in response and comprehension, and get nowhere.  This last time I was told the agent would be right back - I waited 40 minutes and was disconnected, and am now starting over again.  I have been a Verizon customer for decades and have five lines on my account and Verizon simply does not value their customers enough to provide the most basic support. 

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