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My family purchased four new iPhone 11's and moved five lines from Total Wireless to Verizon's unlimited plan.  I submitted for rebates for the four new phones @$300 each, and one new line with an existing phone for $150.  I received only three $300 rebates and one $200 rebate.  I spent a huge amount of time on phone calls getting told to call this number, then another number (having to hold up to an hour on each call).  I finally got an email address and sent all of my information to [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service].  I went back and forth with at least four different representatives, and was told a number of reasons why I didn't receive the rebates, including that the phones were not purchased at a qualifying Verizon store.  We purchased the phones at our local Verizon store.  I finally received the $150 rebate, but they keep saying the $200 rebate I received was correct.  I have asked numerous times how I can get a $300 rebate for three phones, but only $200 for the fourth.  I have not received an answer to that question.  I'm still waiting for the additional $100 rebate.  I also feel I should be somehow reimbursed for the time and aggravation spent on trying to resolve this issue.

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Re: Verizon Rebates

Atleast you got 90+% of your rebates so far, never give up and let go and your payments will come. The best payment of time spent is holding them accountable for their contract to you as a buyer and a consumer. Well done