Verizon Returns Center Phone Number

I have been having issues with a chargeback fee from Verizon for about a month now as Verizon "never received my device". After checking the tracking number it was marked as delivered by UPS and after about 4 support agents, the one that I had called on the phone called the returns center and was told that they received an empty box.

strictly recall putting my device in the box to ship it off. After receiving numerous E-Mails about Verizon not receiving the device, I am now trying to file a claim with UPS. However, in order to do this, a "Receiver Phone Number" is required in order for me to file a claim. After searching Google for ages trying to find something regarding a phone number, I cannot find one.

I was advised not to pay my bill and put a "collections hold" on my account until this was resolved but shockingly, that's not a feature that Verizon offers because after all, why would they want to lose out on profits? Can someone please provide me with the proper information to fill out this form so I don't get charged the wrongful amount on my bill as well as destroying my credit score in the event my past due amount gets sent to collections? 

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Re: Verizon Returns Center Phone Number
Customer Service Rep

Hi there, jadams1999. Sorry to hear about any trouble with a billing concern. We will be happy to have a look into the issue for you. We'll send you a private note that you'll be able to use to receive account support.

- Henry