Verizon Scams
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I purchased two iPhones in March when they were running the BOGO free iPhone deal.  Long story short they never processed it correctly so I am not receiving the phone for free.  Tried Veizon online,instore, and on the phone customer service with terrible results.  Has any one else experienced something similar?  I’m going to the CTC to report Verizon and if anyone else has experienced something similarly We can bring yo the CTC 

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Re: Verizon Scams
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I assume you mean BBB or FCC.  If you met all requirements, either will get you help from Verizon, as complaints are forwarded to upper management.  

If you did not meet requirements, they may say no.  

Let us know how it goes.


Re: Verizon Scams
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I doesn't work that way, unfortunately.  I've been dealing with VerizonWireless for years, and their customer service always stinks, because if ...and I mean IF... you do finally get through to someone, you'll be lucky if they get things right.

Funny, but it seems that every mistake VerizonWireless customer service makes, it always benefits VerizonWireless and not the customer.