Verizon Store Committing Fraud on customers accounts

My wife went into the Verizon store to try to get her phone traded in or upgraded. After speaking with a salesperson, the person told her to try the Apple store, as they might be able to fix her phone or trade it in there without disrupting our plan. All sounds good, until I checked my account 1 hour later to see that someone decided to FRAUDENTLY take out a new line of service on my account and a new iPhone 13 mini and charge it all to my account, without my consent, approval or signature. Then when we came back to confront and get this taken off, the worker, manager and security guard, who knows why he was involved all went to the back. They came back out with some ridiculous story that someone right after my wife left with the same number took out this line and phone.  police are notified as Verizon still has the line on my account. This is terrible and unethical and it seems like no one cares one bit, let alone when I talk to anyone all they want to do is sell me a stupid phone. 

Re: Verizon Store Committing Fraud on customers accounts
Customer Service Rep

MadVerizon1, we are so sad to hear of this experience when visiting a store location. We never want anything like this to happen to any of our wonderful customers. Typically, when a mistake like this one has been made, the store location would simply remove the line and correct the situation on the spot.


If that is something they have not done for you, then please contact our Fraud Department. They will contact the store directly to get this taken care of for you. You can contact them by phone at 888-483-7200.


We are confident that they will be able to get everything resolved for you.