Verizon Store Complaint
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This past Saturday I purchased an iphone 13 promax at the Verizon corporate store on Wilma Rudolph in Clarksville TN and paid $600 cash down on the device. I told the salesman that I wanted the 256 GB version of this phone because I had run out of storage on my current iphone. My husband also just purchased a brand new iphone 13 promax the week before and we both bought accessories and between the two of us have spent around $2800 in this store. When I got the tracking on the phone, it said the phone being shipped was a 128GB phone. I called verizon and spoke with someone who tried to cancel the order but was unable to order the correct phone. I got up and went back to this store and was basically told this happens and the attitude of the manager came accross as just get over it. I asked if her she could at least look into my account to see if the order was actually cancelled. When I showed her my driver's license, she said she could not do anything because the last name was different. I informed her I had gotten married and that this was not a problem when I spent all that money yesterday and you all made changes to my account. She said she couldn't do anything and that I would probably have to wait to get the incorrect phone and bring it back and then wait for it to be returned and then come back and order the correct one. I told her I thought Verizon should compensate me somehow for the inconveniences of all the trips I was having to make due to their mistake. She continued to be uncaring about the situation and informed me there was nothing she could do. Verizon makes it nearly impossible to make a formal complaint on a store. Also still have no idea about getting my money back or my phone and Verizon does not seem to care at all!!

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