Verizon Store Reps and Deceitful Practices
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On January 13, 2022, I took another user listed on my account to the 2050 Western Ave Unit 112, Guilderland, NY store to upgrade their phone due to poor battery life.  I was not planning to upgrade mine, however I was told by the Sales Rep, that if I upgraded both lines to the iPhone 13, they would be buy one get one free. Sales Rep referenced this BOGO deal on at least 5 different occasions throughout my visit.  Now, I know nothing is free so I assumed we would be paying a bit more for the phone that was not free, but I said, "ok we'll take the BOGO promotion."  The Rep continuously told me that I would be receiving the promotion however it may take up to 2 billing cycles for me to be credited back for what I had already paid towards the phone and for the remaining payments to disappear. I now know this was a huge red flag and I should have just received the free phone that day with no charges to my account.  Essentially, I was told wait it out so that I would have no option to return the phone and Sales Rep would make his commission.  I was also told in order to receive the promotion that I would need to turn in my iPhone 8 to their store within 14 days.  When I went to turn my phone in somewhere between day 10 and 12 another Rep besides the sales rep who assisted me and seemed quite perplexed when I told him I was returning my phone for this "promotion".  The Sales Rep came running over and basically shushed the other gentleman who was assisting me and said "I remember you. Yes, we'll take your phone. Thanks".  Not only am I now paying for a phone I was told would be free, I lost the value of my iPhone 8 even if only $100 because of lies and deceit.  Looking back, I should have known something wasn't right, but I ignored that feeling since he "seemed" to be a nice guy.  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, I realized this was all a lie when I used the chat feature to explain to Verizon what had happened as described above and I was told that the BOGO promotion only applied to new lines and not new phones on existing lines. This is deceitful business practice at its finest and certainly does not make me want to continue doing business with Verizon.  I would return to the store but I know this Sales Rep cannot do a thing about it and I will just get more runaround from someone who I have no trust in.  He just wanted his commission and was willing to lie to people to get it.  It's pretty shameful that Verizon employs individuals who lie and deceive. I would expect a multi-billion dollar company to make good on promises that their sales reps make but . Verizon, care to comment or try and make this right?

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