Verizon/UPS Stole my Trade-In

Verizon – Get it together!  

I went against all of my instincts and traded in my phone and my nieces phone via Verizon (normally I would have bought my new phone outright and given her my old phone; but for her 16th Bday I thought I’d get her the latest and greatest – and the cost savings was worth it).  I received the new phones, I set them up.  I removed “Find my Iphone” and Erased the phones as instructed.  I then packaged each up in their boxes with the separate labels (I have pictures showing all of this).  I then mailed them at my local UPS on 8/20 and got a receipt that shows I mailed it and the weight of both packages.  I tracked the packages.  Both were received on 8/25.  I got an email from Verizon on 8/26 saying both trade-ins were received.  My nieces iPhone 6 processed no problem with in a few days.  Mine showed the estimated time for the assessment to be complete as 8/31.  8/31 came and went nothing.  I gave it a few more days….still nothing.  So on 9/8 I called in to check and see what it hadn’t been assessed.  I was told that it was received.  I was told that it could be seen, they had the package.  I was told that it was likely just a backlog in doing assessments and to give it another week or so as the agent had seen this many times and it would process in time not to worry.  Then 9/13 (not even a week later) I wake up to emails from Verizon saying my trade in promotion credit had been removed and that my trade in was never received.  (A direct contradiction of the facts that are presented when I track the UPS tracking number and from what the agent told me 5 days earlier when he said that he not only saw that it had been received but actually saw picture that it has been received.  I then clicked on the track my order status and saw a flag saying I had not turned off “find my iphone” and there would be delay.  As I had pictures showing I had both turned off Find my Iphone and erased my phone I called in.  The first agent looked into it and basically found about 5 different stories in the system none of which matched…and then finally said that the box was received but not the phone that the box was completely empty (so you are telling me that for almost 3 weeks Verizon has told me they received the phone but now they are saying that all they received was an empty box???) – when I pointed out that I have the UPS Drop Off Package receipt that clearly has a weight check on it and shows that I was basically old there was nothing they could do.  I protested this as I followed every instruction given by Verizon, I couldn’t imagine Verizon didn’t insure its shipments with UPS, and be it Verizon or UPS someone needed to make this situation right – as I did everything I was suppose to do.  I was then put through to a Management Team Member Austin.  Austin told me that there was nothing they could do that I would need to file a claim with UPS – since clearly the package was opened in transit and the phone stolen.  I pointed out that I could file a claim with UPS.  That to file a claim you would have to be the shipper (i.e. the person who paid for the shipping, which I wasn’t Verizon was) or the receiver – which I wasn’t – again Verizon was); but I was told no that that is how you do it – that I needed to file a claim with UPS, that she would also try to file one – but that she knows they can’t and to call back when I had a claim number.  To her credit she called me a bit later to say – no she wasn’t able to file a claim; however I was in a meeting and missed the call.  I reached out to UPS online and via phone….they would not allow me to file the a claim – because as noted – I am not the shipper, the account is with Verizon and so Verizon has to file the claim (and provide proof the package was empty/damaged on receipt).  I called back in and this time got Denise – Denise was at least willing to call UPS with me when I explained that after spending several hours and making numerous attempts I could not get UPS to file a claim.  Denise and I did a conference call with UPS – sure enough they come back with the same thing.  UPS can file a claim for me – Verizon has to file the claim with UPS, UPS has to complete their investigation….etc. etc. etc.  Where it stands – Denise tried to file an escalation ticket with IT/the Verizon system to get the matter escalated – I was given a ticket number and told it would take 1-2 days.  In the midst of going round and round for hours I took the time to google and see if others were having this experience….sure enough – thread after thread, instance after instance of this….Verizon says they never received the phone or say they got an empty box and tell the customer to file a claim with UPS, UPS says they can’t file a claim as the customer isn’t the shipper – Verizon is….end result Customer is out $700-$800.  How it should have worked – I got my Drop-off Receipt that shows the weight of the package, UPS ships it to Verizon, Verizon receives it and auto scans it (per their customer service agent I was told they don’t physically look at them that the received boxes are auto checked) the auto scan should have weighted the package and upon seeing a deviation from standard should have separated it for immediate inspection.  Upon inspection and discovery that the phone (including the padded envelope and air cushions) was not in the box the customer should have been contacted and asked to upload the Drop Off Package Receipt with weight check.  Verizon should have then honored the promotional trade in value to me, ending my experience and hassle - and then filed their claim with UPS so that both they and UPS could investigate to determine if the phone was stolen in transit or upon receipt before it was auto-scanned by Verizon (since apparently my old phone was processed immediately by newer model phone sat for 3 weeks before anyone actually did anything to check and process it….which seems odd and leaves me wondering where exactly the theft happen).  Either way I as the customer, who did everything as instructed should not be left holding the bag for two multinational companies who clearly have some major issues since this is clearly an issue that has been going on for a while with many many more victims like myself.  Frankly – I see a class action lawsuit in Verizon’s future if they don’t get this matter addressed – as they clearly have a breakdown in their process, and they aren’t training their customer service agents on how to handle these calls, or they are knowingly training them to give incorrect and false information – with as many cases as I saw on line this patter on Verizon’s part is a willful act to defraud the customer.  Adding to that they are allowing a pattern of theft or a major missed steps on processing of trade-ins to continue at the expense of customers that is costing them revenue (if not through direct loss in value through the thefts/mismanagement then in customer revenue when customers like myself decide its time to go back to AT&T (who I had for a decade plus and never had an issue like this with!)!  Suffice it to say I will NEVER NEVER trade in my phone with Verizon again – and if they don’t resolve this matter to give me the trade in value I am owed by this time next week I will be taking me and my families lines back to AT&T.  I 100% recommend that people do not do Verizon’s trade in programs!  You can do literally everything right and they still won’t honor the credit and will leave you both out $700 and out your previous phone.


Re: Verizon/UPS Stole my Trade-In
Customer Service Rep

We are terribly sorry to know about this experience, and rest assured we want to make sure you get the credit you deserve, we have sent you a private note, please reply to us in order to assist you better.