Verizon XXL vs New Verzon XXL Plan

My current plan is the Verizon XXL 18GB that I share with my two others.  I receive a 15% discount for my employment on this.  I was considering changing to the new plan; was wondering what the major difference really is (I know there is roll over and 2more GB for each line, but I thought the data was shared and not divided among each line equally.)  I'm a bit confused; want to make an informed decision prior to switching. 

I would love to decrease my monthly bill for these phone lines if that's possible.  Any advice or clarification would be greatly appreciated.


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STLRFAN33, help is here for all of your cellular needs as I want you to make the most informed decision when changing your plan. To set proper expectations, the 2GB per line will only apply upon first being on the New Verizon plan (8GB or higher) and then upgrading via Device Payment plan. When did you upgrade the devices on your account? Are they on Device Payment plan currently? Click here for all the details for this amazing plan.

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