Verizon and Apple Issues a Black Hole

Verizon seriously needs to reconsider their Apple Music add on if they can't provide the service or if they can somehow enroll customers, but not unenroll them.

Had all lines on a plan that included Apple Music, but one of them could never use it. We'd get to the part where it told us to verify our subscription through Verizon and nothing would happen. After neither customer service, tech support nor corporate being able to actually get this figured out for the line to be able to access it, dropped the line down to a plan that didn't include it. When I did this, one line was given the option to opt out, but the line that's continually had the issue of never being able to use it was not given the choice to opt out. Instead, we started getting billed for the line the $9.99 Apple Music fee. 

Go through the Verizon site and am told there are errors every time I go to unenroll the line. Again, contact customer service, tech and one can figure out how to remove it. I am now told I have to go through Apple. Apple....just as before, states there is no subscription for Apple Music to remove as the line has NEVER had it.

I am stuck in this never ending cycle of Verizon saying this is an Apple issue and Apple saying it's a Verizon issue because we don't have a subscription with Apple so there's nothing they can do.

How can a company add the service and not actually be able to remove it when it's only on their end it even shows it exists?

I've already seen the numerous posts of people who couldn't access the Apple Music and no one being able to fix that problem, but have seen nothing where Verizon is now charging them the add on fee for something they don't even have and how to get it removed when there is no such service to begin with. and how to get it removed.