Verizon and UPS Making Pre Ordering Products a Nightmare
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Pre Ordering a phone should be an exciting process but Verizon and UPS suc*ed all the fun out of the equation. Using a restriction on packages such as Signature Required should not be put in a way that it does not give the customer the option to pick up from an access point or from their depot. Basically, if they put the restriction on it, you are basically scre*d when you are a working American. Moreover, UPS does not provide the option to have it delivered in the morning. Their windows start from 12.15 pm. It feels like they want people to suffer. I pre-ordered my iphone 14 pro max around September 9th and because of this restriction, after the third delivery attempt, it is being returned to sender. Oh yes, I have tried their customer care support people, even if they sound sincere and caring, they could not do a single thing to help me with the process. I am thinking of switching this network now. Verizon does not care about their customer at all.

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