Verizon as a company

As others have noted in a different Verizon Community thread, Verizon is having issues with their Iphone 13's connecting to the network in Mexico. We switched to Verizon this past June and upgraded to Iphone 13s not knowing about this issue. Our iphone 13s would not connect to network in Mexico in November. We have 3 of them. Our daughter picked up 3 new SIM cards in Chicago before she came to join us.  Our daughter had been in London for 5 days in October and her iphone 13 would not connect to a network in London  as well.The new SIM worked in my iphone but they did not work in the other phones. I spent some where in the neighborhood of 12-14 hours in phone chats with tech support while in Mexico.  They even issued an NBR number and escalated the issue to the tech engineers. After 4 days the tech engineers closed the NBR number saying they could not find the problem.  We did get a small credit from Verizon due to the fact that my wife's phone could not connect to a network in Mexico. They refused to give my daughter a credit for the 5 days in London and the 6 days in Mexico because she hadn't called to let Verizon troubleshoot the phone. really Verizon. it would cost you $15-$20 dollars to  satisfy a customer.   The eventual solution from Verizon was to replace my wife's Iphone 13 mini. We were told we would get get a new phone with a new SIM card. We received a refurbished phone with no SIM card. We bought the iphones new in June. My wife now has a refurbished phone that we know nothing about.  For all we know it is a piece of garbage. that Verizon was happy to get rid of. I spent almost 2 hours with tech support today. The first gentleman agreed that Verizon would send us a new phone to replace the refurbished one and the new phone would include a SIM card. While he was finalizing that order the call dropped and a new tech support person appeared on the phone line. She refused to send a new phone to replace the refurbished one and clearly stated Verizon had no intent in sending us a new phone. i am sure that's why the call with the guy authorizing sending us a new phone was dropped. The bottom line is that Verizon as a company does not care about their customer. They do not care about the customers satisfaction. They have kind employees that say they will be happy to help fix the problem. When they realize they cannot they just pass you on to another employee.  I have never been treated so poorly by a company.  We are going back to Mexico this winter. If my wife's phone still does not connect to the network in Mexico we will have to get local carrier SIM card. I discussed that with the the support person asking if Verizon would reimburse our costs as our plan gives us free calls and data in Mexico. The answer we got is that they would possibly  suspend our service instead of reimbursing us.  What is wrong with answering - well of course we will reimburse you as it is Verizon's phone that is not working. Just awful customer service. It appears the best solution for us is to leave Verizon. Anybody considering Verizon may want to reconsider. Sure their coverage may be good, but customer service is not. If a Verizon issued phone does not work as promised, what difference does the coverage make.

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